We believe parents are the main influence in children’s lives. Our goal is to build a relationship with the child and with the family. As your child develops a sense of trust in us and the school environment, they learn to separate from you with confidence knowing you will return at the end of the school day. We respect each person’s need to experience the separation process in his or her own way, and are here to help the children express their feelings as they build meaningful relationships with us. We believe that when a child’s social and emotional needs are met, he or she can participate fully in the wide range of learning opportunities here at school. Children will become familiar with the routines of a classroom environment and benefit from gaining a sense of what it is like to be part of a larger group.
Our curriculum goals are based on the following beliefs:
  • Children need large blocks of uninterrupted time to explore activities and conquer new skills.
  • When children play make-believe, they use their imaginations, and develop creativity.
  • Children develop small motor skills by working with puzzles, crayons, markers, playdough, pegs and boards.
  • Children experience cause and effect by building up blocks and knocking them down, using sand and water (measuring, pouring, etc.), blowing bubbles, rolling cars and balls down ramps.
  • Adults help children’s language development by reading to them, singing simple songs with movement and encouraging their participation.
  • Our learning goals for children include the following:

Participating as part of a classroom community:

  • being respectful of others and property
  • sharing information
  • listening
  • taking turns
Developing social competence:
  • building relationships with peers and teachers
  • entering and sustaining play
  • developing empathy for others
  • learning to negotiate
Developing early language and math concepts:
  • expressing feelings and ideas
  • making attempts at writing
  • recognizing symbols (starting with the children’s names)
  • exploring math concepts through manipulation of objects

We like to build connections between the child’s day at school and life at home. We invite you to share your ideas, questions and concerns with us. We hope you will visit the classroom and share aspects of your family life with us. In the past, such sharing has developed into a study of babies, learning about older siblings, instrumental music, carrers, as well as parents and grandparents teaching and reading in their home languages. Our goal is to build a sense of community and trust between children, parents, and staff.